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The growth and development of the CARA complex has taken place over a number of years, beginning shortly after its incorporation in 1974 and continuing until this day. Progress has been slow but steady as heavy reliance has been placed on the shoulders of volunteer workers, countless hours of fund raising, revenue derived from concessions, team sponsors, registration fees, advertising signs, field rentals, tournament income including the Bob Burns CARA Open golf outing, and donations of equipment, material, technical assistance and grants from local businesses, lending institutions, and other charitable organizations.

All of the above have been invaluable in our growth and development, but CARA would not be developed to the point we are in 2014 without the involvement and financial assistance provided by Kennebec Savings Bank.

Their involvement with CARA began in 1979 when financial assistance was provided to the Augusta National Guard Babe Ruth League which allowed construction to proceed with the development of two baseball fields subsequently named McGuire and Morton fields. Additional funding has been provided over the years to allow for further infrastructure improvement and procurement of needed items required for field maintenance.

In the year 2000, the Capitol Area Soccer complex was beginning development of three Olympic size soccer fields. This was a major undertaking requiring three years of actual construction before completion. Kennebec Savings Bank made a major financial contribution to this project along with the Lipman Foundation, and a substantial donation from Steve McGee Construction Company.
For several years Kennebec Savings Bank has made annual financial donations to CARA for capital improvements and sponsors many youth teams.

The greater Augusta area is very fortunate to have a local lending institution that values community involvement and participation.

Kudos to Brooks Newbert, Ray Pepin, Bill Pelletier, Jim Chase, Andrew Silsby, and Mark Johnston, all of whom were instrumental in directing needed funding to assist CARA in developing what is now a very unique recreation area not found in many places in Maine, let alone the entire country.