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CASC Soccer/Lacrosse

CASC Soccer/Lacrosse

At the October 20, 1997, meeting of the Capitol Area Recreation Association, a group of soccer devotees led by David Hastings unveiled a plan to construct three Olympic sized soccer fields on a thirteen-acre parcel. With soccer becoming the fastest growing sport in the world at the time, a small group of parents saw the need to build more soccer fields. The original idea was to build one field but the late Bud Folsom, a longtime member of the CARA board with a wink and a whisper in David’s ear said that he thought three fields would be better. So, the idea of one became three. The complex design included parking areas, access road, storage and maintenance, and concession buildings. The group’s presentation was endorsed by CARA and the project moved to the initial stage of environmental assessment, planning board review, etc. The soccer group was very fortunate to have Steve Roberge, a registered professional civil engineer, whose major line of work involved project development. Steve was very familiar with the requirements of planning boards, U.S. Corp. of Engineers, Federal and State fish & wildlife, and Dept of Environmental Protection. His knowledge and skill guided the group through the regulatory process and finally approval for the project was granted in October of 1998.

The next step in the process involved fundraising and soliciting donations of equipment and skilled labor required to operate the donated equipment. Fundraising was given a big boost with a very generous donation from Kennebec Savings Bank. Additional donors that helped the project become a reality included Gardiner Savings Bank, Lipman and Katz, Augusta Kiwanis Club, and CARA Many local contractors donated equipment and materials, and these included Dick Condon, O’Connor Motors, Stiman Steel, Lajoie Brothers, Jerry Burton, Peter Quirion, Pike Industries, and Steve McGee.

A few words about Steve McGee would not be adequate to describe his contribution to the development of this project which was the single largest undertaking in the entire CARA complex. In addition to supplying earth moving equipment including trucks, excavators, dozers, loaders, rollers, and other necessary equipment over the three-year construction period, he himself was on site to oversee road relocation and installation of a 10,000-gallon water storage tank. He also donated a huge amount of gravel for the roadway and parking lots.

Every project requires a manager to be in charge and oversee the progress of the work at hand, and the soccer group was extremely fortunate to have Ralph Stiman take charge of this undertaking. Ralph along with his brother Harry had years of experience dealing with heavy equipment and construction related tasks. Ralph was able to solicit volunteers with varying degrees of skills to assist him in bringing this project to fruition. Steve Roberge designed and laid out the entire project on the ground and was on site to determine grades, offer advice, and make changes when necessary.
The project included a considerable amount of underground work as irrigation lines were constructed as well as an elaborate under drain and underground electrical service. Three scoreboards were donated by Coca-Cola, and the foundation and installation were donated by Stiman Steel. A drilled well was installed to supply the 10,000-gallon underground storage tank. Bowie Brothers Well Drilling was the prime contractor and performed their work at a reduced rate.

After three long years of construction by a relatively small group of people and their children, often working by the headlights of their vehicles as the dark of the evening approached, and with a very modest budget of $125,000 dollars the complex was opened for play in the fall of 2002.

Cony High School boys and girls’ soccer programs conduct their entire schedule at the fields through an arrangement with the Augusta School Board. Since the opening of the complex the City of Augusta Recreation Department has been a partner in the use of the complex for summer camps and a very large youth soccer program in the fall. The complex has attracted users from around the state because of its unique location in central Maine. Travel teams from all over the state rent space throughout the summer and fall. The complex is considered one of the best natural grass facilities in the state because of its excellent irrigation and drainage system. Area high schools that encounter unplayable conditions on their home fields from inclement weather will rent the CASC complex.

For the past two years, the Kennebec Cannons Lacrosse Club has utilized the CASC complex for their spring season. This kind of compatibility has led to the renaming the facility to the Capital Area Sports Complex. This past year the Youth Memorial Field, which abuts the three soccer fields, came under the stewardship of CASC. For years the Youth Memorial Field had difficulty keeping a year-round caretaker, so the CASC board agreed to assume those responsibilities. It was a natural fit and allows bigger events as a multi- sport facility.

With the merger of soccer and lacrosse, utilization of the complex has increased dramatically. The potential of this complex is just emerging and the benefits that will accrue to the soccer/lacrosse group and the City of Augusta are unlimited.

From the ground thaw in the spring to snowflakes in the fall the CASC complex is very busy with young people. It has been estimated that more than twenty thousand or more players, parents and friends visit on an annual basis.

The three fields were named appropriately for the generous donations of businesses that partnered with the project by way of financial or in-kind services.

  • Kennebec Savings Bank
  • Lipman & Katz
  • Stiman/McGee

Special Soccer Fans

  • David & Diane Hastings Family
  • David & Laura Lipman Family
  • Eric & Brandon Cummings
    Penny & Scott Bennington
  • Peter Martin
  • Memory of Brenda Deschaine
  • Coffin Engineering
  • Pam O’Connor
  • Peter Bronder
  • Kim & Ross Davis
  • Technical Services
  • IPCO
  • Gerry Huber
  • Jane Orbeton
  • Arthur & Lisa Adelberg
  • Emily Winkeller
  • Stephanie Garfield
  • Dexter Shoe
  • Kailie Borzoni

Capital Area Soccer Club Complex Established 2002

Made possible by the generosity of the following:


  • Stiman Steel
  • Hastings Family
  • SJR Engineering
  • O’Connor Motors
  • Jerry Burton
  • Coca-Cola
  • Lajoie Brothers
  • Pike Industries and Keller Family
  • Bouregard Equipment
  • Dick Condon
  • G & E Roofing
  • Kennebec Savings Bank
  • Lipman& Katz
  • McGee Construction
  • Gardiner Savings Inst.
  • CARA


  • Kennebec County Corrections Program
  • Bowie Brothers
  • Cives Steel
  • Augusta Kiwanis
  • Wendell Davidson
  • Helen Poulin- Townsend Rd Association
  • Beaudoin Electric


  • Anne Lipman
  • David & Laura Lipman
  • Joe Linscott
  • Pine State Trading Co