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Kennebec Valley Horseshoe

Kennebec Valley Horseshoe

In 1978, Bob Burns approached the CARA board with news that a new organization wished to become part of the CARA Complex. The group was identified as being part of a horseshoe pitching group, led by Stan Bisbee and Clyde Hewett that wished to have a permanent location to conduct their activities. Stan and Clyde were very persuasive and convinced the CARA board to welcome them to the complex.

Immediately, Stan and Clyde went to work and secured donations of fencing, bulldozing, grading, and proceeded to build a complex that would eventually be comprised of 20 horseshoe pits constructed to professional standards.

A horseshoe court has exact standards as each pit must have pins exactly 40 feet apart at the base, angled into the shooter by 3 inches. And to be secure must be set in a permanent foundation, such as railroad ties and then the pit must be backfilled with blue clay in order that thrown shoes do not slide or advance. Each throwing pad must be at the same elevation and all pins should also be at the same elevation.

Through the efforts of Stan and Clyde, the complex took shape and improvements were added such as a concession area, lighting for night play, and in later years, a covered area and storage building were added.

League play was initiated early on, and as many as seventy-five people participated. Many tournaments have been held, and in a given year at least 6 events are held at the complex.
There have been many awards achieved by members of this group including World Championships by David Gallant, John Alley, and Carl York. In addition, Stan Bisbee was inducted into the Horseshoe Hall of Fame.

Significant Contributors

  • Ernie Thurston
  • Ralph Stiman
  • John Muslawski
  • Joe Linscott
  • Dick Condon
  • Jean Gallant
  • Jane York
  • Carl York
  • David Gallant
  • Cathy Neumann
  • John Alley
  • Barbra Michaud
  • Win Clark
  • Bridge Construction Co.

Past Presidents

  • Stan Bisbee
  • John Lasso
  • John Muslawski

Current President

  • David Gallant